What’s the Sugar Count in Halloween Candies?

Sugar Count in Halloween Candies

When it comes to Halloween candy, there’s no escaping sugar. But some candies contain fewer grams of sugar than others, so it’s nice to know your options before you mindlessly start snacking. By enjoying only a single serving size of some of these candies, you can keep your sugar consumption in check.

Candy with the Most Sugar or Hidden Sugar

Here are the candies that contain the most sugar. Avoid them for a healthier Halloween.

  1. Candy Corn has little nutritional value but a lot of sugar. Just one ounce of the candy contains about 150 calories.
  2. Candy mashups like M&M’s Candy Corn are one candy covered by another candy, adding up to insane amounts of sugar.
  3. Fun Dip is just colored sugar. It’s fun to dip the stick, but beware since the stick is another big source of sugar.
  4. Sugar Babies – the name says it all.
  5. Nerds are a box of brightly covered sugar.
  6. Pixie Sticks are colored sugar in a tube and contain just sugar.
  7. Blow Pops are two major sugar bombs with a hard sugar exterior and sugared chewing gum at the center. Just so you know, hard sugar candies and suckers make sugar last longer on your teeth.
  8. Tootsie Pops are virtually identical to Blow Pops. While tootsie rolls themselves aren’t that high in sugar, coating them in a hard candy shell adds a lot of sugar.
  9. Skittles are a sweet and chewy treat that pack a lot of sugar thanks to the fruit flavoring.
  10. 100 Grand is known for its luxurious combination of ingredients, but even the fun-sized bar is “grand” with sugar.

Candy with the Least Sugar

These candies have less sugar than their high-sugar counterparts, so you can still give in to your sweet tooth in moderation.

  1. Rolo Chewy Caramels are sticky sweet and smooth, but have less sugar per piece than other caramel treats.
  2. Hershey’s Special Dark satisfies your candy craving without excessive sugar.
  3. Kit Kats have less sugar than other candy bars, especially if you break off a piece to share.
  4. Reese’s Pieces are smooth and creamy and contain less sugar than other candy-coated options.
  5. Gummy Bears have less sugar than other fruity gummies.
  6. Tootsie Rolls are chocolate and chewy and reasonably low in sugar.
  7. Mounds tend to be recommended for a candy-bar fix. It must be all of the coconut.
  8. Dum Dums are a smaller version than their bigger lollipop counterparts, so they contain a smaller proportion of sugar.
  9. Smarties are a smart choice for a sweet and tangy candy combination.

If you’re trying to avoid sugar overload this Halloween, consider choosing dark chocolate over fruity flavors. Dark chocolate candies usually contain less sugar and have more nutritional value.

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