Top Four Sugar Apps

Don’t know how much sugar is in your food? Well…. there’s an app for that!

Label reading can be tricky, as can understanding which types of carbohydrates are in a particular product. Doing the math can be a challenge as well. Thankfully some smart techies have come to the rescue and developed some quick point and scan apps to tell you what you are eating.


sugar rush appSugarRush

This app allows you to scan a product barcode to see how many teaspoons of added sugar and natural sugar are in the product.  It also has a “did you know” about sugar section that you can share with others. It is easy to use and gives a good picture of the amount of sugar a food contains. For example, Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt, Cherry has .8 teaspoons of added sugar and 1.2 teaspoons of natural sugar.


Seven Day Sugar-Free Detox

This app is for people trying to get rid of added sugars. The detox app coaches you through the process of ridding your body of sugar while helping you maintain your sanity. It provides low-sugar meal plans, which allow some fruits; a no-sugar meal plan, which is 100 percent sugar-free; and recipes, shopping lists, and other supportive materials from the nutritionists Young and Raw.


Daily Carb

This app allows you to set a carbohydrate budget and track your daily intake. It  is designed for people with diabetes and encompasses all areas of health, including weight, water, exercise, glucose and insulin, blood pressure, lipids, and medications.


ShopWell – Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner

This helps you get eating patterns in check. You can create a profile with food interests or special diets, and the app offers similar products that fit your lifestyle. You scan the bar code on any item, and the app gives you all of the information about the product. It can also find foods in your local grocery store.

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