Top 8 Beverages With the Most and Least Amount of Sugar

If you have sugar intolerance, diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome or are just trying to live more healthfully, then you are probably watching your sugar intake. Beverages also account for a surprising amount of your daily sugar intake. Check out the top best and worst beverages to drink if you are watching your sugar intake.

The Best Beverages to Drink

  1. Water
  2. Coffee: Without added sugars or sweeteners
  3. Tea: Green, black and white teas without sugar or sweeteners
  4. Infused Water: Infused water beverages can flavor your water with berries or herbs, like refreshing mint, without adding extra calories
  5. Fruit Juice: Small amounts of 100% natural juice made from select fruits
  6. Vegetable Juice: Contains less sugar than fruit juices because vegetables often have few or no sugars
  7. Dry White Wine: Contains less natural sugars than sweeter wines, such as dessert wines
  8. Unsweetened Nut Milk: Makes a good dairy substitute if you can tolerate nuts, but read labels carefully as flavored and sweetened versions can be hard to distinguish

The Worst Beverages to Drink

  1. Regular Soda: Known for containing excess sugar
  2. Diet Soda: Contains artificial sweeteners that are known to cause gut problems
  3. Fruit Punch: Often contains artificial and natural ingredients that are not safe for those who experience sugar intolerance
  4. Fruit Drinks: Sometimes labeled as juice and contain both natural and added sugars
  5. Energy Drinks: Contain huge amounts of added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  6. Sweet Tea: Corn syrup or sugar is added to make sweet tea
  7. Wine: Many wines, especially sweet or dessert wines, contain naturally occurring sugars
  8. Cocktails: Contain syrups, fruits and other sources of sugar, so they are best avoided
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