There’s an App for That: Food Allergies, Intolerances and Other Dietary Restrictions

Allergies are serious business and are a surprisingly common form of disease. Luckily app creators know how hard it is to eat with food allergies, so they have designed some apps that can help. Because food intolerances and dietary restrictions can also make eating a chore, there are apps for those as well. Check out some of the apps designed to help allergy, food intolerance sufferers and those with dietary restrictions eat well.

AllergyEats categorizes restaurants into those that will or will not accommodate people with food allergies. Restaurants are categorized according to common food allergies, including peanuts, milk and gluten.

ContentChecked USA is great for grocery shopping with allergies. After you download the app, you can scan barcodes at the grocery store to determine whether or not any ingredients in the product match the list of allergens that you have provided. If you find a product that fits your needs, you can save it as a favorite so that you can remember to buy it later. The app also contains recipes that you can cook at home that do not contain any of your allergens.

Find Me Gluten Free is an app that lets you find gluten free restaurants in your area. You can also see menus, options and reviews of the restaurant from other diners who have a gluten allergy or intolerance.

Food Intolerances lets you find out information about specific foods and how they might affect your intolerance, whether you suffer from lactose intolerance or are following a low-FODMAP diet. The app has over 700 foods, food additives and drugs that are known to cause symptoms of food intolerance.

Food Maestro is another app designed to help you grocery shop. Scan the barcode to find out which allergens are present in products, and whether or not they could affect you.

BiteAppy is an international directory of restaurants that cater to specific diets, whether you are following a Paleo plan or avoiding foods for religious reasons.

Monash University FODMAP app helps those with IBS who are following a FODMAP eating plan. Using a traffic light system to indicate which foods are safe and which are off limits for FODMAP, the app also includes recipes and meals.

Food Allergy Translate lets you tell people of different languages about your dietary needs, which is key for avoiding trigger foods when dining in other countries.

ShopWell helps you shop according to your allergens and dietary needs, and even makes suggestions about new foods and products that you can safely try.

Allergy Ally helps parents give caregivers and teachers information about their child’s dietary restrictions to keep them safe. You can share via text email a list of allergens. The app also teaches users what to do in case of emergency with information about preventing, spotting and treating food allergy reaction using a Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan.

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