Ten Tips for Avoiding Bikini Bloat

Ten Tips for Avoiding Bikini Bloat

Headed to the beach this summer? There’s nothing worse for your self-esteem than feeling bloated on beach day. Luckily, you can follow a few tips and tricks so that you don’t feel self-conscious in your swimwear. Knowing what to eat and drink and what to avoid can help you look and feel your best when you hit the sand – or even the resort pool. Take a look at what you can do to beat that bloated feeling.

Avoid salty foods.

Sodium is a notorious bloat inducer. Even skipping adding salt for just a day ahead of your beach adventure can help you feel less bloated. You should also avoid foods with hidden salt, like processed foods. Although a turkey wrap up may seem like a healthy snack, unless it is oven roasted at home where you can control the sodium, it likely has much more salt than you need.

Skip the booze and light beers.

Alcohol is a notorious bloat inducer, making everything from your belly to your face appear puffier than they need to be. Wait until you’re actually seaside before you indulge in that margarita. But skip the salt and make it a skinny version so that your jeans zip up when you get home.

It may surprise you, but good carbs actually reduce bloat. Snack on whole grains, enjoy oats, or fuel up with quinoa.

Stay hydrated.

Although drinking a lot of water can make your belly expand, it can also fill you up and prevent you from getting bloated. If plain water doesn’t do it for you, then find creative and healthy ways to boost the flavor by adding berries or lemons or even cucumber to help you swallow as much H2O as possible.

Try a raw diet.

People with slim figures like models and royalty routinely indulge in a raw diet at least once a week. The focus on fiber and water-filled vegetables can help you stay satiated without excess calories.

Try probiotic-rich foods or probiotic supplements. Probiotics fuel a healthy gut biome to help decrease bloating and other gastrointestinal disruptions that can make beach day a little less relaxing.

Squeeze in a workout.

It’s important to work out regularly for overall health, but a last-minute burst of fitness before a white sand vacation can help your muscles appear sleek and toned and even help banish bloat a little further.

Skip carbonated beverages.

It is important to hydrate but carbonated water can cause gas and bloating.

Avoid beans and other gas-inducing veggies that can make your stomach upset.

By following these tips, you can have a fun and confident beach day.

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