Sunday Brunch Makeover

Sunday Brunch Makeover

Summer is here, and it’s filled with kids at home, sleepovers, family visiting from out of town for graduations, bridal showers, weddings, and celebrations of all kinds. A favorite way to get together and share time with family and loved ones is with a meal, and oftentimes Sunday brunch is the way to go. The quick go-to for brunch is generally a run to the local donut or bagel shop. But filling up with sugar and carbs may not be on everyone’s diet plan for the weekend. And let’s face it, it really isn’t healthy. With a bit of planning, some really healthy and flavorful brunch options are sure to fit the low-carb bill and fill the belly as well.

Egg Bites

Egg bites, the ones that can be found at one of America’s favorite coffee shops, are so velvety good. Did you know these can be made easily at home, using either an instant pot or your oven? Egg bites are versatile and can have many different flavor profiles. With the array of vegetables, cheeses, and proteins that can be used, making many different combinations suits a variety of tastes. If you’re using an instant pot, a silicone mold is necessary. Recipes for the egg bites vary, with some using the entire egg, some the egg white only, and some adding in a bit of heavy cream to make a smoother texture. And then the add-ins are up to you. In the Instant Pot, they need to steam only 10 minutes. In the oven, they will take an hour.

Low-Carb Zucchini-Fritter Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict is an all-time favorite. The combination of hollandaise sauce, ham, and egg is hard to beat. This brunch idea may not be the easiest for a crowd, but it’s a really yummy Sunday brunch idea for a select few. The zucchini fritters can be made in advance so you have the opportunity to focus on poaching the eggs to perfection and making the creamy hollandaise sauce. If a fritter is not in the cards, a thick slice of tomato can also be used in place of bread. Either way, this is a brunch favorite that can be modified and enjoyed the low-carb way. Check out this recipe from

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

Want all the goodness of bagels and lox without the bagels? Lay the smoked salmon out flat and spread with your favorite cream cheese. Roll the salmon up lengthwise, and slice into small pinwheels. Sprinkle the pinwheels with diced red onion and capers and serve with lemon slices.

Low-Carb Coffee-Cake Muffins

Who doesn’t love a baked good with Sunday brunch? By using different kinds of flour and stevia, the carb and sugar count can be lowered tremendously, while still sneaking in some yummy goodness. Try this recipe from, which calls for an mixture of almond and coconut flour.

Sunrise Bird’s Nest Breakfast

The Sunrise Bird’s Nest Breakfast bowl is both nutrient dense and nice to look at. Each bowl is filled with nuts, seeds, avocado, wilted spinach, and kale then topped with poached eggs. It’s a fantastic low-carb option that will have your Sunday brunch guests feeling both satisfied and guilt-free.

Ultimately, enjoying time with friends and family is the perfect gift. Keeping it healthy and yummy is simply the “sugar-free” icing on the low-carb cake!

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