Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Consuming Sugar

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Consuming Sugar

It’s three o’clock and there are two hours left in the work day. The last slice of the monthly birthday cake is in the staff room calling your name. Or maybe it’s just ten o’clock, and the need for something sweet is already pestering you. Regardless of how committed you may be to a healthy lifestyle, that need to satisfy a sweet tooth can be very difficult to ignore. Rather than give in and sabotage all of the efforts to cut sugar from your diet, why not seek some sugar-free options? Here are eight ways to curb that pesky sweet tooth without consuming unwanted empty calories.

Sugar-Free Gelatin

Sugar-free gelatin comes in many flavors, plus it’s inexpensive and fast to make. Within 30 minutes, a sweet treat can be ready to eat. Make it while dinner is cooking and it can be ready to serve for dessert. Gelatin is also fun to add things to, such as fruit or a sugar-free whipped topping.

Several recipes for making homemade gelatin flavors include combining teas, sugar-free drink mixes, and unflavored gelatin. If you choose to do so, making gelatin can be healthy and sugar-free. Here is a great recipe for homemade gelatin from

Sugar-Free Gummies

Gummies are another quick handful of sweet goodness that are portable and easy to pop in your mouth now and then. Sugar-free gummies can be purchased, or you can make them at home using a silicone mold and any flavor gelatin. Since they need to have a thicker consistency than regular gelatin, an extra packet of unflavored gelatin is added.

Sugar-Free Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

Grocery stores are full of sugar-free alternatives to most favorite ice cream flavors and popsicles. In addition to those, there are also dairy-free alternatives. And if plain ice cream gets old, you can easily create a sugar-free milkshake. Fruit or sugar-free syrups can be added to make tasty and creative combinations.

Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate

Sugar-free hot chocolate is a fast and easy way to curb that sweet tooth. It’s warm and can be super creamy if sugar-free whipped topping is added. And it’s perfect if that sweet craving hits you late at night before you go to sleep. Make it with water, milk, or your favorite unsweetened nut or soy beverage, and you have a filling, warm, comforting treat just before bed.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Cake with Sugar-Free Frosting

Seriously, this cake has got to be the best option if you are a true chocolate lover but can’t tolerate the sugar, or you want to cut the sugar from your diet while maintaining the option to eat something sweet. By using unsweetened cocoa powder, artificial sweeteners, and unsweetened baker’s chocolate, you can make a rich and tasty cake without the sugar! Find the recipe here at Myguthealthtoday.

Sugar-Free Hard Candy

If it’s something quick you need while on the go, carry some sugar-free, hard candies in your bag or purse. A variety of candies can be picked up at many outlets, even at a Dollar Store.

Diet Soda

Sometimes a diet soda can do the trick and fill the need for something sweet. With zero calories and no refined sugar, it may be just the thing to curb that afternoon lull and craving for something sweet.

Sugar-Free Apple Tart

For something a little fancier for a dinner party or a special occasion, try this sugar-free apple tart by Jennifer Tyler Lee, a cookbook writer and mom. This recipe can be altered using pears and raisins and a homemade or store-bought crust. Regardless how you choose to make it, the tart is beautifully presented and sweet. Find the recipe at

Finding sugar-free alternatives to sweets most people enjoy is easier than ever. Whether purchased already made or cooked from home, you have many interesting, tasty choices.

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