Post-Holiday Detox Diet

post holiday detox diet

For many on a weight-loss journey, the holidays may seem to be an insurmountable obstacle. You have tried your best to avoid eggnog milkshakes at fast-food restaurants, bypassed parties filled with crackers and cheese, ignored fried finger foods, and even donated some of your cookies and food gifts to charity. But from the office to weekend festivities, the holidays are filled with temptations that are hard to overcome. Luckily, you can bounce back from the holidays and lose any weight you may have gained.

During the holidays, many people begin to neglect the gym because of all the festivities, so getting back into a routine can be tough. Start slowly by adding more activities into your day with a walk after lunch or dinner. Then schedule a workout for the morning or evening to help get back into pre-holiday mode.

Once you’ve started moving a bit more, start working on your diet. Some people opt for a juice cleanse, but these aren’t always the healthiest way to drop pounds. Juices have a lot of sugar and not a lot of nutrition. For people with medical conditions, juice cleanses can cause further problems, including a spike in blood-sugar levels that is especially harmful to people with diabetes. Rather than a juice cleanse, detox your diet by eliminating caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and even dairy products; and eat balanced, whole foods.

You can also try a soup cleanse. “Souping” gives you better nutrition and more control over what you eat than a juice cleanse. It is best to make your own soup because canned, boxed, and other commercially available options tend to be high in sodium. Use a vegetable base and then add in veggies for fiber to keep your system moving, as well as a variety of spices to help jumpstart your metabolism.

Bone broth – made with bones and the meat adhering to the bone – is another option to try. Similar to stock, bone broth is boiled to break-down the collagen. The result is ingestible collagen that benefits the skin, while the glycine in bone broth is said to aid sleep as well as improve memory and cognitive function. Bone broth also helps heal leaky gut and other digestive disorders and could be the perfect fix after all the heartburn of rich holiday foods.

During the holidays, many people gain a little weight. It is important to lose the weight slowly and not try any drastic lifestyle changes in order to remain in good health.

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