Persistent Diarrhea

A short bout with loose stools or diarrhea, is nothing to be concerned about, but persistent diarrhea- cases that are recurrent or on-going, is a definite red flag that there could be a deeper problem that requires medical attention. There are over 70 causes of chronic diarrhea. Many times the condition is related directly to a digestion issue. Because diarrhea itself is a symptom of another disease, the primary condition is often misdiagnosed, leading to a delay in successful treatment and alleviation of the symptoms and discomfort. For these reasons it is important to be aware of the circumstances involving a case of persistent diarrhea.It is important to understand the true cause of the diarrhea, not just manage the symptoms.

When you experience recurring or persistent diarrhea you should note what may have brought it on. Were you eating a specific type of food that you might not normally eat, or if it is something you typically ingest, were you eating more of it than normal? Sometimes an overload of a food or an ingredient in that food can cause loose stools. If you discontinue eating the suspected food and the diarrhea dissipates or clears up altogether, then you know to be more careful with that food in the future. Food items that are known to be a digestive problem include dairy products in the case of lactose intolerance and fruit, due to an overload of fructose. Keeping detailed food logs or a food diary can prove very beneficial in reaching a proper diagnosis.

If your persistent diarrhea is accompanied by other serious signs like abdominal cramps, gas, and bloating you may want to seek medical attention. Symptoms that are more than just a nuisance and are outright uncomfortable indicate that there is a serious condition underlying your diarrhea. You may have a food allergy or other issue that is interfering with your ability to properly digest certain types of foods. Rather than just trying to live with it, a consultation with your doctor may provide a treatment option that will allow you to lead a more normal lifestyle. Common causes of persistent diarrhea include Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS and Celiac disease. Another less common cause of persistent diarrhea is Congenital Sucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency or CSID. CSID is a rare, genetic disorder where the body does not make sufficient enzymes to digest and absorb sucrose (table sugar) and starches. If you suspect IBS, Celiac disease or CSID, consult your physician.

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