Low-Sugar Festive Holiday Cocktails

The holidays are upon us, and the parties have commenced. Trying to eat and drink healthy while attending events with rich foods, decadent desserts, and festive cocktails is a challenge. However, there are some low-sugar versions of cocktail recipes that are less calories, yet still great tasting. There are also some simple swap-outs available to create your own low-sugar versions of time-honored favorites.

Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

This recipe from fivehearthome.com is made with just three ingredients. Apples, of course, sparkling apple cider, and bubbly alcohol such as champagne or prosecco. This recipe suggests using Honeycrisp apples, but you can use your favorite variety. When choosing a sparkling cider, look for one that has no added sugar. The thin apple slices and bubbles make for a very fruity and sparkly drink.

Skinny Christmas Margarita

This recipe can be used to make any flavor skinny margarita. The use of agave nectar and fresh “splashes” of pureed fruits give it less calories and allows you to control the sugar content. If a squeeze of fresh orange is more sugar than you’d like, use orange extract. Find the “skinny” recipe at gimmesomeoven.com.

Santa Clausmopolitan

How about a fun Santa Clausmopolitan? This drink puts a twist on an already favorite cocktail. Here is the recipe from from delish.com. To cut back on sugar, skip the sugar-rimmed glasses and use sugar-free triple sec from Monin. Monin makes a number of sugar-free fruit syrups for cocktails, which are perfect for any “skinny” cocktail recipe.

Holiday Mule

Ginger beer has a warm and spicy flavor, and the ginger is really good for your stomach by aiding in digestion. However, regular ginger beer is full of sugar; one bottle contains 40 grams of sugar! Some planning ahead can solve that. Using this recipe for a holiday version of the Moscow Mule from popsugar.com, swap out regular ginger beer for a sugar-free ginger beer, like RSVP Skinnies cocktail mixer. The mixers are 100 percent sugar-free and there are several types, including one for Moscow Mule. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can actually make your own ginger beer at home. The recipe for that can be found on ketodietapp.com.

Winter Bourbon Smash

Minimalistbaker.com has a Winter Bourbon Smash that combines the flavors of orange and raspberry. This recipe calls for raspberry preserves, which adds a creamier and smoother texture. As with all fruit jams and preserves, caution must be taken to avoid high sugar versions. If you prefer something other than raspberry preserves, Dickinson’s has several sugar-free options. Garnish this drink with orange slices and fresh berries.

Skinny Eggnog

Eggnog can be a filling and fattening holiday drink, so it’s nice that there are lower calorie recipes. This one from the dailyburn.com uses skim milk and no added sugar. A healthier twist on an old-school favorite.

No matter your drink preference this holiday, most can be reworked for a lower sugar option. Cheers and happy holidays!

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