How to Live with a Digestive Disorder

how to live with a digestive disorder

Living with a digestive disorder can seem overwhelming. Between diets, medications, and dealing with everyday life, things can feel like they are getting out of control. Here is a list of a few of the things that you can do to improve your quality of life when you’re living with a digestive disorder.

  1. Get organized: Create lists and files for your diet plan, medications, and treatment. You can add questions and have everything ready when you go to the doctor.
  2. Journal everything: Write down what you eat and look to see if certain foods trigger symptoms. You can also keep track of how these symptoms make you feel on an emotional level to help you calm the anxiety that often comes with digestive disorders.
  3. Keep an emergency kit: When you have a digestive disorder, accidents happen. Having a ready-to-go bag stocked with extra supplies can help. Include a change of underwear, backup medications, plastic bags for soiled clothes, wipes, and anything else that may help you recover faster.
  4. Reach out: Don’t feel like having a digestive disorder is something to hide. Explain the condition to family and friends. Connecting with people who are going through what you are going through also helps. Try to find online forums, MeetUp groups in person, and contribute to the #spoonie community to find connections, advice, and moral support.
  5. Take control: It can be easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed with a digestive disorder. Do some research to find out what works for other people, which can give you ideas for what might help you. Pay attention to the medications that your doctor recommends and follow diet advice closely so that you can take note of what helps best with your symptoms.

Although it can be difficult to live with a digestive disorder, following these tips can help you take control and live life without worry.

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