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National Nutrition Month resources

March is National Nutrition Month. If you have, or suspect you might have, a food intolerance or allergy, then take the opportunity to learn more about nutrition and diet. By eating a diet based on your condition, you can help to alleviate some symptoms of your food intolerance as well as improve your overall health.

To get you started, here are some helpful resources, including websites and apps focusing on nutrition and diet.

  1. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website is at Here you can find snack ideas for the kids, tips on eating well for various health conditions, how to navigate food allergies, and other important advice.
  2. Eat Well Guide helps you eat healthy, even when you’re not at home. The growing guide has advice on where to find nutritionally sound restaurants and delivery options in major cities, with more coming soon. Find it at
  3. Mercola has been providing easy-to-understand health updates for decades, and the website is always updated with the latest information about supplements and health, including ways to treat nutritional issues. Check it out
  4. Precision Nutrition offers the expertise of a personal nutrition coach with the ease of being online. The website offers articles, advice, and other tools for both professional nutritionists and those looking for advice.
  5. Nutrition Stripped is the website of dietitian McKel Hill. At you can find grocery lists, blogs about wellness and eating well, and other information that can help boost your nutritional knowledge.
  6. MyFitnessPal is both a website and an app that lets you count calories and track your diet and exercise. It’s convenient and easy to customize to your dietary needs.
  7. Food Tripping is an app that helps you make healthy choices when you’re away from home. It’s perfect if you travel a lot or are planning a vacation and don’t want to be tied down to a kitchen.
  8. Fooducate can help you better understand food labels, especially if there are ingredients that you are trying to avoid due to a food intolerance or allergy. Fooducate is the perfect app for grocery shopping.
  9. Food Intolerances is an app developed especially for those with food intolerances, food sensitivities, and allergies. You can avoid common food intolerances including gluten, lactose, and even search for foods that follow a low-FODMAP diet.
  10. Nutrients is an app that lets you customize serving size so that you can get a complete breakdown of what you ate or what you are planning to eat. The app offers a daily journal so that you can keep track of your intake for future reference.
  11. The Waterlogged app helps you stay hydrated. Dehydration is a key component of good nutrition and an efficient digestive system. With Waterlogged you can track your intake as well as set goals for how much you should be drinking.
  12. Carbs Control takes out some of the tedium of counting carbs. Whether you are trying to lose weight or avoiding carbs for other health reasons, you can ensure that you are only eating healthy carbs with this app.


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