Easy Snacks to Take Along to the Beach

Easy Snacks to Take Along to the Beach

Summer time means beach time! The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has calculated the length of the U.S. coastline to be 95,471 miles. That’s a lot of shoreline for summer-time beach goers. In states like California, getting to the beach is easy with plenty of parking and space to spread out. As the temperature creeps up and kids are out of school, going to the beach offers a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs and inland heat. After gathering up the towels, sunscreen, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and kids, what about the food?

Packing plenty of food, drinks, and snacks is always a good idea, especially with kids. Snack shacks aren’t always available, and who wants to worry about cash when sitting in the sun? Other issues at the beach include portable food, keeping drinks cold, and maintaining sand-free snacks. Keep reading for some tried and true ideas for food at the beach.

Ice-Cold Water

The best time to drink water is before you’re thirsty. Having plenty of water to drink when you’re at the beach is important. Most people, kids and adults alike, are having so much fun playing and swimming that keeping hydrated is easily forgotten. One easy way to be sure enough water is on hand is to freeze water bottles the night before and use them as ice packs for the rest of the food. Then, as they melt, they provide ice-cold water to drink. Additionally, having many smaller bottles of water means more are available for little hands.

Cut-Up Fruit Pieces

Fruit is always an easy and healthy snack to take along to the beach, and a much better option than chips. Fruit has a high-water content and can be refreshingly cool on a hot summer day. The best way to pack fruit is to cut it up beforehand to make grabbing small amounts easier, and it also helps keep the sand contamination to a minimum. Small clusters of grapes, bite-sized pieces of watermelon, apple slices, and strawberries are great fruits to take. Another safeguard for keeping the sand off the fruit is to bring a handful of toothpicks. Poking the fruit with a toothpick keeps sandy fingers from getting in the fruit bowl.


Making different kinds of sandwiches is a good idea. Tuna, peanut butter and jelly, turkey, and ham are all good ideas. Keeping the sandwiches small is the best bet. Rather than cutting the sandwiches in half, cut them into fourths. Kids rarely eat a full sandwich in one sitting. This option gives them a few bites and allows a return to play quickly, without wasting a ton of food because it is either left in the sun or gets full of sand. Having different options means that they can have small bites of different kinds of sandwiches. Sandwich kabobs and tortilla pinwheels are also excellent ideas for small bites that can be kept sand-free.

Low-Sugar Snacks

Low-sugar snack foods are always good to bring. Foods like string cheese, nuts, berries, and tubes of yogurt are all healthy things kids love. They are also easy to pack and offer added energy in small amounts.

Keeping healthy, hydrated, and energized while at the beach are all good ways to beat the heat this summer. And don’t forget your hat and sunglasses!!!

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