How to Choose a Healthy Protein Bar

Protein is an essential component of your diet. If you are trying to lose weight or address various health conditions, then eating protein can help you to reach your goals. But it can be hard to find a way to get enough protein in your daily diet, especially if you do not have time to eat a well-balanced meal. Grabbing a protein bar is often an easy option, but it can be confusing to choose the right protein bar once you are at the store.

If you read the labels, you will find that many of the most popular protein bars are high in sugar, which is not only unhealthy but a major trigger for sugar intolerance. As a general rule, look for protein bars that have a substantial amount of protein and about half the amount of carbohydrates. A good protein bar should also contain fewer than seven grams of sugar and half the amount of fat than it has protein. The total amount of calories also matters. If you are seeking a meal replacement, then look for a bar with over 200 calories. If you just need a quick snack, then keep it under 200 calories.

In terms of other numbers to check out, you should look for a protein bar that has over 20 grams of protein. Around 20 grams of protein is found to be key to satiating hunger and contributing to better metabolic function. Higher amounts are also good, but the degree of satiety does not improve much over 20 grams.

The type of protein also matters. The highest quality protein bars are made from whey or casein. However, whey and casein proteins are sourced from dairy, which can be an issue for some lactose intolerance sufferers.

Protein bars are often shunned because they contain many additives and ingredients. To keep your protein bar wholesome and nutritious, look for protein bars that have a short list of ingredients. For example, Almond Honey Rise Protein Bar has only three ingredients including whey, almonds and honey. It is gluten-free and contains minimal sugar.

While protein bars are a convenient source of protein, they are not always healthy. It is important to read labels thoroughly, understand where the protein source is from and make sure that it contains no artificial ingredients that can exacerbate dietary conditions. Protein bars that contain recognizable ingredients can help ensure you get a quality meal that will fit into your diet.

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