Banish the Bikini Bloat

Bikini season brings fear and trepidation each year. Whether you plan to sport an itsy, bitsy, teeny tiny bikini or go for a trendy high-cut one piece this year, you don’t want to be bloated when you hit the beach. Both diet and exercise can play a role in your bloat, so pay attention to your diet and avoid any trigger foods that can cause bloating. In addition, follow these tips:

When it comes to banishing bloat, eliminating sodium from your diet is paramount. Don’t sprinkle it on your avocado toast, and be sure to avoid processed foods, which have high amounts of sodium that are easy to overlook. If you’re planning a trip to the beach or have an upcoming pool party, then even eliminating sodium for just one day can help you to banish bloat.

Also, be sure to eliminate alcohol before the beach. It can be tempting to sip on a margarita, but don’t just ask for a salt-free rim. Alcohol causes major bloat, so wait until after you’ve made a grand entrance to celebrate with an adult beverage.

Avoid processed, white carbs, like flour, rice and sugar, in the days leading up to any planned event that involves a swimsuit. Even skipping carbs for as little as a day can help your tummy appear flatter when it comes time to wear a bikini.

Even though you’re skipping out on processed carbs, other carbs can actually help to improve the appearance of bloat. Fill up on high-fiber whole grains, like oats, quinoa, and brown rice.

And don’t forget to hydrate. If you’re drinking plenty of water, your body won’t try to retain it so you won’t get a bloated belly. You can try flavoring your water with fruits and berries if you have trouble drinking plain water.

A raw diet. Celebrities like Kate Middleton enjoy a raw diet at least one day a week. By eating vegetables and fruits in their raw state you can help banish bloat and give your skin a welcome glow.

Taking probiotics can help sooth stomach issues and stop gas from bloating you.

In addition to changing up your diet and staying hydrated as bikini season looms ahead, be sure to add more activity as well. The further ahead of bikini season that you start working out, the better your results. But working out before you step foot on the sand can help get your blood pumping and your metabolism firing.

Be sure to watch your posture. Standing up straight and tightening your abs can make the difference between a bloated pooch and flat stomach.

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