What Causes Your Hunger?

What Causes Hunger and Appetite

Do you feel like some days you are a lot hungrier than others? Maybe after dinner with friends, they groan about feeling too full while you feel like you could still eat dessert. It is totally normal to experience this type of fluctuating appetite.

There are actually a lot of factors that could contribute to why you may eat more than others. One reason is your anatomical makeup. Your stomach could be larger than another person’s. Just like your outside may be bigger or smaller, so are your organs on the inside.

It may seem silly, but there is also a laugh factor. If you laugh a lot or watch a funny movie, it can increase your hunger hormones and suppress the hormones that tell your brain you have been satisfied. Although the study was small, the findings seem reasonable. On the other hand, if you have noticed that you are not feeling hungry because you are sad or depressed, then laughing can help boost endorphins and get you munching again.

Sometimes hunger can also be affected by what you eat and when. If you are not getting enough prebiotics, the non-digestible fibers found in certain foods like artichokes, garlic and onions, then you could be altering the bacteria in your gut, making you feel hungry. Another eating habit that could be affecting your hunger is skipping meals. People who regularly skip breakfast tend to feel less hungry than people who normally eat breakfast but skip it. So if you missed breakfast for the first time in a while, then you might be feeling extra hungry by lunch.

Unhealthy junk foods, like processed and refined carbs, are another reason you could be hungry. Sugary treats hit the reward center in your brain, leaving you craving more. Alcohol can also stimulate your hunger and suppresses your self-control, which can lead to overeating high-calorie foods. Maybe you are not drinking enough water. Being dehydrated can make you think you are hungry, so you may be eating when you should be drinking.

Lack of sleep or having a hormonal imbalance can also make you feel hungrier. When you do not get enough quality sleep, your hormones can get out of whack making you feel hungrier. Stress and other health issues can also increase your feelings of hunger, as can having a fast metabolism.


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