Nine Holiday Travel Tips for Surviving the Airlines

Travel Tips for Surviving the Holidays

By Amy Hammons, Registered Dietitian

I’ve been lucky enough to log some serious air-travel miles this year, and I think I am now qualified to give a little advice to my fellow travelers.

  1. For open-seating flights, not making eye contact with someone does not mean “I’m skipping your empty window seat.” If you don’t want to be bothered, go ahead and grab the window in the first place.
  2. Text your homeboy or girl instead of talking to them on your phone. Your chit-chat, although ridiculous to the rest of humanity, is for them and no one else needs to hear your conversation.
  3. Do a headphone volume check before heading to the airport. Ask a friend to identify what you are listening to when the headphones are in and cranked up to your liking. If they can’t hear anything, you will make an acceptable seat mate for all.
  4. If you choose to sit in the more spacious exit row, the flight attendant needs a verbal “yes” that you will help in case of an emergency. It is a small price to pay for those extra inches of leg room. Please listen and respond “yes” quickly so the attendants can get on with the rest of the safety info.
  5. Purchase a sealed snack that you can keep for your connecting flight BEFORE you board the plane for your first flight. The free airplane snacks are not much for the hearty appetite. You know you’re going to have to rush to your connecting flight, and there will barely be time to use the bathroom.
  6. If you had time to grab a snack but had to bring it onto the flight to eat, for the love of your fellow passengers’ sense of smell, pass on the onions. They are NEVER a good idea.
  7. Airplane seats are not lined with charcoal to catch whatever gas you emit, so lay-off the cruciferous veggies and beans the day before your flight. The person behind you and next to you will be thankful.
  8. Your flight is going to be delayed. This is not the fault of the gate agent. The agent knows you have to get to grandma’s and knows you are a super-elite, diamond-platinum member, but gate agents are not in charge of weather or scheduling flight crews.
  9. Be prepared when you land to get your stuff and hustle-off the plane. You are probably already exhausted from all the other shenanigans, and it’s just in time to encounter the next group of crazies.


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