10 Tips to Look Trimmer in Your Bikini This Summer

We are deep into summer, which means that the weather is warm enough for regular trips to the beach. Whether you’re taking off for trip to an exotic locale or hitting your local pool, you’ll probably be spending time in a bikini. But it can be hard to feel like putting on a swimsuit when you’re feeling bloated. Check out these 10 easy tricks to battle bloat before you head out this summer:

  1. Cut out sodium: Huge quantities of salt don’t just lead to long-term health problems, it can make you bloat in the short term.
  2. Skip the alcohol: Alcohol may make you feel good, but it won’t help you look good. From puffy eyes to a full belly, skip the alcoholic beverages until after you hit the sand.
  3. Avoid simple carbs: White sugar, pasta, bread and other simple carbs can cause bloating.
  4. Enjoy complex carbs: Complex carbs, like whole grain, can actually eliminate bloating.
  5. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water so that you don’t get dehydrated, which can make you appear puffy and bloated.
  6. Go raw: Raw vegetables have water and enzymes that can help you de-bloat.
  7. Load up on probiotics: Make sure your digestive system is well balanced to avoid bloat.
  8. Workout: To help you process foods, workout before bikini season to get a head start on a flat stomach.
  9. Pump up: Even right before you plan to appear in a swimsuit, doing a few push-ups can help your muscles stand out to minimize the appearance of bloating.
  10. Tan: A self-tanner can help enhance your tone and draw attention away from a less than flat stomach.
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